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Ruth Anne Danbom, Owner

Recognitions and Awards

Practicing home care in Northern and Central California for over 30 years, Ruth Anne Danbom is committed to the art of caring for individuals in their homes. Her career began as a Home Health Aide and CETA success in Eureka, CA. She then worked as a Registered Nurse and manager for Home Health Care and Hospice programs throughout CA. Danbom has an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts / Psychology from California Lutheran University, and a Master’s Degree in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner from Pace University. She enjoys travel and artistic expression in pottery and mixed media.

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• Salinas City County – Ruth Anne Danbom, September 2010 – Outstanding commitment and service to the Salinas community


• County of Monterey Certificate of Recognition presented to Ruth Anne Danbom at the 21st Annual Latino Network Luncheon “Celebration of Culture"


• Latino Network of Monterey Country - Ruth Anne Danbom, 2010 – Outstanding service and dedication to the community of Monterey County


• Cambridge Who’s Who – 2008 Executive Of The Year Representing The Residential & Hospice Care Industry


• Ruth Anne Danbom – Action Council of Monterey Nominee


• California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition – Latino Network Award 2010


• Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition – Ruth Anne Danbom, September 2010 – 21st Annual Celebration of Culture / Latino Network of Monterey County


Recognitions and Awards

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“I paid for four hours of service and I feel like I got 40 hours of care."  

- J.R., King City

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“We got our lives back and my mother got terrific care.”                - A.A., Morgan Hill

“Abundant Personal Care works from the heart, with integrity.”

- S. R., Salinas/Fresno

“I called for services for my father - they started in 3 hours and sent a perfect fit.”

- J.S., San Francisco

Over the years, Abundant Personal Care Services has garnered a reputation for stellar personal care for individuals in their homes. Please read more about our owner, recognitions, awards and reviews to get a better understanding of our dedication to outstanding home care.

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